Video: Damien Quinn – Pingere Nigrum aka Paint it Black (Official Video)

“Pingere Nigrum” aka Paint It Black is taken from Damien Quinn’s highly anticipated release “Eyez Without a Face” The Mixxtape Vol. 1!! Available soon @ The GoreHop Shop (www.gorehop.com)!!

Video Directed & Produced by: Arch Angel Studios
Edited by: Razakel
Produced by: LoOn3
Mixed by: Damien Quinn and Scum
Engineered by: Damien Quinn
Written and Performed by: Damien Quinn
Cast: Damian Pavlovich, Jesse Lambert, Tina Bingham, Cheyanne Lehman, Ryan “PitStain” Foley, Whitney White, Scott “Yung Ghozt” Wieszchowski and Scott Murphy

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