Belkin FormFit Cover Case for iPad Air


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The Belkin FormFit Cover for iPad Air protects your tablet without obstructing your view. It’s constructed from a durable material that makes it ideal for travel, and it shifts to several different positions that allow comfortable typing, viewing, or surfing. A clasp secures the cover closed and holds it out of your way as you work.

FormFit Cover for iPad Air

Case indentations allow you to position your iPad Air for comfortable viewing.
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FormFit Cover for iPad Air

Cover folds to ideal angle for touchscreen typing.
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FormFit Cover for iPad Air

Formfitting protective case with an exterior that is soft to the touch.
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iPad Air Snaps Easily into Fitted Frame

To insert your iPad Air into this case, just snap it into the fitted frame. When you need to remove your device, simply bend back the frame’s corners.

Protects Device Without Obstructing View

This cover keeps your tablet in place without encroaching upon its screen. The frame is constructed to fit around your iPad Air so tightly that you’ll barely notice the case as you work.

Well-Crafted with Quality Materials

This case is super thin, soft to the touch, and durable for portability. The soft, smooth inner lining helps protect your iPad Air’s touchscreen from potential damage.

Accommodates Multiple Viewing Angles

The inside of this cover is set with grooves, so you can stand your iPad Air up in different positions. This allows you to find a comfortable angle to watch videos or scroll through screens.

Folds for Comfortable Typing

The Belkin FormFit Cover for iPad Air can be folded down to a low position that makes typing easier. This means you can comfortably type emails or documents for extended periods of time.

Clasp Holds Cover in Place

With the case’s built-in clasp, you’ll have a simple but secure way to keep your cover closed and protected when you’re on the move. When you need to use your iPad Air, that same clasp reverses to keep the cover out of your way as you work.

Available in Multiple Styles and Colors

The Belkin FormFit Cover for iPad Air is available in multiple styles and colors so you can choose the one that best fits you and your tablet. Select from a two-tone color palette in Blacktop or Purple; a multicolored stripe design in Pink; a smooth, minimalist design in BlacktopSlate, or Lavender; a Fuchsia-colored scales pattern; or a stripe design in either Blacktop or Ink.

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